Company ‚Vijana‘  offers Lithuanian food producers fruit and vegetable powders, produced in Swiss company OBIPEKTIN AG, A NATUREX company.

Company ‚Obipektin AG‘  was established in 1936 and started exclusively with the production of pectin. In 1960 the production of fruit and vegetable powders by drum and vacuum drying was added. Today ‚Obipektin AG‘  produces more than 50 types of pectin, the most popular of which are apple pectin, and more than 300 types of fruit and vegetable powders.

Impeccable additives, a controlled production process and the traceability of raw materials make ‚Obipektin AG‘ products valuable and healthy components in a wide variety of areas. In-house laboratories guarantee permanent control of the process and products

Fruit and vegetable powders are obtained by drying fruit juices and pulps. Selecting from four exclusive methods of cold spray drying, low temperature spray drying, vacuum drying and drum  drying enables to meet all the requirements of taste, smoothness, granulation, solubility and carrier material.

Powder produced by a unique cold spray drying process has top quality. This process ensures optimal colour retention and the preservation of vitamins and other valuable components. Such powder is mainly applied in baby and infant foods, soups, sauces, spice mixes, snack foods and dietetic products.

Beside the range of standard products Obipektin AG can also offer fruit and vegetable powders with different compositions. There are products with higher or lower percentage of dried substance or with different kinds of carrier material available.

Using different sieve separations products from Flakes (drum-dried) and Granules (vacuum–dried) to fine powders can be provided.

With the help of highly skilled technical employees from ‚Obipektin AG‘ we can support our customers with all necessary technical service and information about the application of fruit and vegetable powders in food industry.

You can find more info about fruit and vegetable powders, produced by „OBIPEKTIN AG“ in company‘s website: